DURÉE: 5 Journées
PRIX: € 420
DIFFICULTÉ: 2/3 (sur 4)
PÉRIODE: Juin-Septembre
TYPE DE TOUR: Accompagnée

Pirin est peut-être la montagne bulgare la plus pittoresque et la plus alpine. La formation rocheuse, célèbre par ses sommets en marbre et en granit et ses flore et faune riches, fait partie de la liste d’UNESCO de patrimoine naturel mondial. Dans Pirin il y a plus de 60 sommets qui s’hérissent à plus de 2500 m, est le plus haut d’entre eux, Vihren (2914 m) est le but d’une de nos randonnées. Les itinéraires passent par les crêtes ou bien serpentent entre les cirques parsemés de lacs glaciers d’une pureté cristalline et offrent une diversité exceptionnelle de vues incroyables.

Jour 1:
Sofia – Bansko
Accueil à l’aéroport de Sofia et transfert à la ville de Bansko où on passera les quatre nuits suivantes.
Jour 2: Bansko – Chalet Vihren – Les lacs Banderishki – la rivière Demyanitsa – Bansko (6-7hrs; 16km; +615m/-1215m)
Transfert au chalet Vihren d’où nous commençerons notre randonnée touristique à travers le beau cirque des lacs de Banderitsa. De là nous traversons la vallée voisine et les lacs Todorini ochi (les yeux de Todora) et ensuite on passe par les denses forêts d’épicéas de la réserve naturelle Yulen vers la vallée de la rivière Demyanitsa.
Jour 3: Bansko – Mont Polezhan – Bansko (5hrs; 7km; +770m/-770m)
Aujourd’hui, nous visitons l’une des parties les plus vertes de Pirin près du chalet Bezbog. C’est le point de départ pour la randonnée extrêmement panoramique jusqu’au sommet Polezhan (2851 m/9354 ft). Le sommet offre peut-être la vue la plus magnifique dans le Pirin, avec pas moins de 17 lacs visibles, y compris le lac le plus grand et le plus profond dans la montagne: le lac Popovo. The tour can be easily extended by climbing also the nearby Mount Bezbog, or with a hike to Popovo Lake (the deepest in Pirin, 30m deep). Before returning to Bansko we may try the local thermal pools of Dobrinishte.
Jour 4: Bansko – Chalet Vihren – Mont Vihren – Chalet Vihren – Bansko (6-7 heures; 8 km; + 960 m / -960 m)
Il est temps de vous tester avec le plus haut sommet de Pirin, Vihren. Nous passons par la zone de Golyam Kazan (le Grand Chaudron) sous le mur vertical nord de Vihren 300 m qui peut vous couper le souffle et dont les précipices dolomitiques abritent de rares fleurs, tels que l’édelweiss, et de timides troupeaux de chamois du Balkan. Les vues sont vraiment spectaculaires, mais elles ne sont que le prélude menant au panorama qui se découvre du sommet vers une mer de sommets dentelés tout autour
Jour 5:Bansko – Sofia
Transfert de Bansko à l’aéroport de Sofia.

Temps de marche: seul le temps de marche est mentionné chaque jour (hors arrêts photos, pique-niques, pauses etc.); ceux-ci sont basés sur une vitesse moyenne du randonneur de 4 à 5 km/h sur un terrain plat, 30 minutes supplémentaires pour chaque gain d’altitude de 300 mètres et un sac à dos ne pesant pas plus de 10 à 15% de votre poids corporel. Pourtant, cela varie beaucoup sur le terrain, la taille du groupe et l’expérience de randonnée de chaque client au sein du groupe.


420 € par personne en chambre twin/dbl;
Supplément chambre individuelle: 60 € (c’est obligatoire pour tous les clients individuels);
Le prix comprend: transport de/à l’aéroport de Sofia et tous les autres transferts prévus dans l’itinéraire; hébergement et nourriture selon l’itinéraire; guide de montagne parlant l’anglais; tickets pour le télésiège et toutes les taxes locales.
Le prix ne comprend pas: nourriture et boissons supplémentaires; cartes de montagne; assurance médicale; taxes d’entrée et dépenses personnelle.
Meilleure période: mi- juin – septembre;
Groupe: au moins 4 personnes;
Hébergement: des hôtels trois étoiles ou des hôtels de famille; chambres individuelles; petit déjeuner et dîner.



5,0 rating
septembre 13, 2019

Wow, it was very spectacular! I am pretty amazed that Bulgaria has so much diversity of landscapes! I have been twice to the sea coast and to be honest I thought that was all that the country could offer as a tourism. Such a shame! Bulgaria is very colorful and full of surprises!
The hike was a bit difficult but I am well-trained and with my friends we did a great job, guided by Chris – the funniest person I have ever met!
Be prepared with enough clothes for warm and even chilly weather. At Vihren summit it was a bit colder than I expected and I am glad I got my jacket and a sweater as well.
After the first hike one of my friends decided he will need trekking poles (which he could have rented in prior as well) but luckily, they managed to ensure a pair immediately.
One of the evenings we have a special folklore night with some local grannies who sang traditional songs and cooked us a dinner and it was soooooo delicious that we ate like pigs!
It was perfect short break! I loved it!

Chris Hansen, Sweden

The tour to overcome yourself!

5,0 rating
septembre 4, 2017

First of all, we want to cheer up our guide Vlady, who make the stay memorable and the hikes pleasing! We meet him at the airport where he was waiting for us with a sign of my name. We were a family of 5 persons – me 46-year-old, my wife 38-year-old, our 15-year-old teen boy, his 13-year-old cousin, and our beloved granny Marisa – 77-year-old. I am sharing with you our ages because I want to prove you right that this trekking program is really challenging but with a strong will to accomplishing it – everyone could make it, despite age! The treks made me realize one of the most important things in life – never to give up! So I am proud of my mom and also the teens which you know at these ages are mostly interested in video games, social media, and dating 🙂 Everything was possible when you have a leader like Vlady. I said leader, not just guide because he encouraged us to succeed! He put all of his efforts to make us forget about the pain in the knees and not to think about the sweat but to continue towards each target of the day! Really, taking a trip like this will make you re-think your priorities, surprise you how capable you and your body are!
Sorry if I sound like a spiritual guru or how it is modern nowadays – an influencer! haha, but I really recommend you to challenge yourself and spend more time outdoors!
 After this soft lyrical introduction, I will say a few words about the tour itself! 
The accommodation was good, not exactly perfect, but it has comfy rooms, beds and hot water!
The breakfast was repetitive but at least it had enough so we did not start any day being hungry! 
The van we used was comfortable, new (the probably the year 2013-2015). 
The food in Bulgaria, in general, is very tasty, the cuisine is similar to the other Balkan nationalities because of the mixture during the centuries, but if there is something unique for the country – this is the yogurt. Their own yogurt, and served as a dessert with jam of blueberries is aaaawwww – yummy! 
Locals are used to with strangers and they will always say Hello and cheer you up, even if you look like someone coming from the end of the World.
 The treks are well-selected and arranged – starting with warming up the hike, next you high up the level and « the peak of the program » is the highest peak of the Pirin. 
So as an conclusion – take it, you won’t regret it! 

Thomas Groot, Netherlands

Difficult but satisfying

5,0 rating
août 11, 2016

I am very happy that I booked this tour. Each day trek is demanding but at the end I was always thankful that I had such an opportunity to explore the world from above!
The accommodation in Bansko was nice and comfy. Rooms were a bit small but still cozy.
The van was new and A/C was such a relief after the boiling hot weather in July!

Daniel Fish, UAE