We have tried to categorize the day-by-day difficulty of our hiking tours using the below outline. Please consider these before booking a certain holiday, making sure that you will be able to handle all walks. Note that all our centre-based programs can be adjusted to the group's fitness, meaning that the guide will be able to offer more or less difficult hikes. We believe that following this you will be able to fully enjoy your walking holiday in Bulgaria.


Trek over very low mountains or relatively flat terrains. Daily walking: up to 3-4hrs and/or up to 15km/9,5miles. Climbing/descending: 100-400m/330-1300ft per day.

Trek over varied terrain, but generally below the tree line. Short steep stages might be present. Daily walking: up to 5hrs and/or up to 20km/12,5miles. Climbing/descending: 400-800m/1300-2600ft per day.

Treks, starting and ending normally below the tree line but going in-between in the high alpine zones. Suitable for fit hikers. Steep stages might be a bit longer and strenuous. Daily walking: up to 6-7hrs and/or up to 25km/15,5miles. Climbing/descending: 800-1000m/2600-3300ft per day.

Treks for experienced and/or very fit hikers, tracing most of the time high alpine terrains, and covering not too long but rather strenuous routes. Daily walking: up to 7-8hrs and/or up to 25km/15,5miles. Climbing/descending: 1000-1300m/3300-4250ft per day.