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4.9 rating
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Amazing nature

5.0 rating
March 3, 2020

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The views are so astonishing and the place has some spirituality that actually makes you feel as if all the problems you have are so small. So recharging!

Bilyana K, Bulgaria

Excellent trip

5.0 rating
March 3, 2020

I have visited Bulgaria two times during summer and once in the winter ( for skiing ) but never for snowshoeing. That was the main reason I decided to do something not typical for me and booked the trip. Of course, I was a little bit nervous a few days before arrival as I did not know what to expect from the guide, from the hike itself (would it be harder for me, or not) the accommodations, food (as I have special diet) and so on. Before even booking, I contacted the company ( I remember it was weekend) and I got a message that my request will be handled on Monday the latest but what a surprise, a customer agent contacted me the same day, a few hours later, answering to all of my questions! My first impression was that I can rely on their services so as soon as I got my flights booked, I reserved my place in the program. Being vegetarian and allergic to lactose, I have some difficulties eating outside and I was a little bit concerned about the menu, I did not want to eat only potatoes and rice, haha. Luckily, I got the chance to point my special diet during the reservation process and I could say that along the route on every place we ate there was a dish, specially prepared for me, and I did not get repetitive meals more than twice. Last but not least, walking with snowshoes is not a big deal, of course, I felt a bit tired the first two days but then I got used to it and it was perfect. I really loved every hike but my favorite one is the trail to Bezbog peak. From Rila Monastery, on the last day of the program, I remembered my first visit in Bulgaria back in 2015 and I felt nostalgic (good old days). The winter fairy-tale is as much impressive as being there during summer. Moreover, I could say that in winter there are fewer people and my pictures were better, haha. To summarize this – highly recommended! 

Bart Vinke, Netherlands


5.0 rating
January 29, 2020

We are 5 retired friends whose passion is to travel abroad and explore new lands. Last summer we decided to spend a week in Bulgaria, two of us already have been there in the past years and recommended the destination. We started our research – what to see, what to do, how to reach it, and other small but very important things for a nice stay. We wouldn’t do it better if we did not get help from the professionalist. We met them in the face of Traventuria company. We started our conversation via mail and they answered very quickly, informative, and fully gained our confidence. We have booked the private trip and couldn’t wait for our journey to start! The itinerary is well planned and the logistics of transfers worked always on time. We saw outstanding places and really enjoyed the local dishes, served in taverns and small restaurants. Since we are different persons (though friends) we enjoyed different parts of the program. Some of us were really excited about the walking days, nature is divine! Pristine! Others, more into the cultural strolls, felt very curious and impressed by the rich historical heritage of this small country. Definitely, a must-see in every trip plan should be places like Koprivstitsa and Plovdive. These places have such a unique ambiance that you completely dive into it We had one dinner in a rustic house in a small Rhodopean village and the host (Romen) was so so so funny, nice and warm person, that we felt that we know each other from many years! His wife (forgot the name) cooked so deliciously that we literally licked our plates! Big thanks also to our guide Michael who was very patient with our tempo and explained to us every little detail of the history and took us to incredible places! It was a pleasure for us to meet nice young people, passionate about their homeland! 

Caroline Johansen, Norway

Full of legends

5.0 rating
January 15, 2020

We have booked this trip last year and we want to share our opinion with anyone considering booking it! It’s totally worth it! The trails are from easy to moderate and walking them accompanied by a guide adds just more charm to the whole experience. Our leader Kamen was always smiling and gave us a lot of interesting information, told us spooky legends, and he was able to recognize the traces of the wild animals along the way. He was also a safe driver! The trail from Yagodina cave to Trigrad, which was our base, was shady, easy and offered some very nice panoramas, especially at its end – marvelous picture towards the river gorge near the village. Zhrebevo was a very nice village, we loved the spectacular hike. On this trail, we spotted fresh bear footprints, we saw also a ring ouzel and in the very very distant – a small herd of deers. Vodni Pad was like a ghost town, so sad that it was abandoned, the area is perfect for a peaceful life! We knew that there were only few people left and we had a constant feeling that someone was watching us from behind the walls of the forsaken houses. Every day was different and we felt like real Indiana Jones! It was so much nice to hike in this remote region of Bulgaria and avoid the big crowds!

La-Haa Tan, SIngapore

In the footsteps of Orpheus

5.0 rating
November 19, 2019

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The well organised and detailed itinerary provided. All our transfer drivers were careful drivers and fountains of information on request. The trek routes were easy to follow and the hotels/guesthouses very comfortable. We were treated to live traditional music one evening. We had the Rhodopes to ourselves and soaked up the sunshine and autumn colours. A wonderful introduction to Bulgaria. Thank you Traventuria

escapebromley, Bromley, UK

Beautiful 7 rila lakes

5.0 rating
October 22, 2019

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This trip is fantastic. Very beautiful view from the peak. I love the peace and the clean air. I enjoyed the hike very much. The guide, Peter….. he is knowledgeable. It worth the money you pay for. Thank you for this nice trip.

Nur, Malaysia

Perfect trek

5.0 rating
October 14, 2019

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Great 2 days in the mountains. 38 kilometers with decent amount of up and down hill. Superb and divers views. Responsive staff helped us with planning and inquiries. Our guide Petar Chakalov was friendly, accurate, knowledgable and very pleasant to be with. He took us up to the Seven Rila Lakes and down to Ivan Vazov Hut where we spent the night. It is simple but cozy enough and has great vibes. The second day we went up to Malyovitsa Peak and safely down the stony descent . We highly recommend both the route and the company, and if Petar is available, you’re lucky.

Yaron G, Israel

nice 8 days in Bulgaria

5.0 rating
October 11, 2019

The trip was fantastic. Great scenery, hiking, and well-organized transportation logistics. I love the fact that the group was small and that the tour guide was friendly, knowledgeable and well-trained to deal with mix of persons from different nationalities, abilities and also interests. The meals were mostly traditional and made with fresh and local ingredients.  What we really loved: The Old town in Plovdiv, both caves – the one with extraordinary shape and the spooky one, the lake Popovo in Pirin mountains. What we did not like: N/A HA HA – IT WAS PERFECT FROM THE START TILL THE END! 

Mark J. Olsen - USA

Lovely mountain

5.0 rating
October 11, 2019

The citizens of Sofia should be proud to have such a marvelous mountain so close to their homes. The trip is perfect for people with less experience in hiking and for those who came for a weekend and want to make a short break into the wild.

Ilona Jatusiz, Lithuania

Fantastic week of hiking!

5.0 rating
October 9, 2019

This trip is a nice balance between cultural strolls and beautiful mountain walks. After each hike, there is enough time to rest and the suppers were always very tasty. If you are keen on photography, this trip will be a paradise for you!  I really loved the hike to Banderishki Lakes and Pirin mountains at all were spectacular! One of the days we even spotted wild goats on the distant hills. My favorite place we stayed at was in the village of Kosovo. It is unbelievable how unspoiled is nature around and how quiet is everything! 

Alma Smet, Belgium