A big part of the territory of Bulgaria is covered with mountains, hills, and forests. Less popular with the foreign tourists remains the Balkan Mountains – a long chain that traverses Bulgaria at lengths and cuts it into two halves. Vratsa Mountains form some of the more accessible and picturesque ranges of the Stara Planina (Balkan) Mountains. There are a few eco-trails and challenging routes there, attracting nature lovers and thrill-seekers. A perfect way to spend a day outdoors is to explore the Borov Kamak eco-trail and the nearby Ledenika Cave.

An early transfer (1,40hrs) will take you to Zgorigrad village passing by the rock phenomenon Vrattsata and further to the beginning of the beautiful and thrilling eco-trail of Borov Kamak waterfall (50m high). Climb up on wooden ladders and steps in the pristine valley full of small waterfalls and cascades, enjoy a picnic lunch at the top and descend on a nice beech forest path with great panoramic views to Zgorigrad village and Vratsa Mountains. On the way up to the waterfall you will cross the river on wooden bridges just above the rapids, climb up rocky steep sections on massive wooden ladders and enjoy great views of Borov Kamak waterfall from below and then on top of it. After the hike you will be transferred to the sinister Ledenika Cave where mother nature has made a masterpiece of an enchanting underground world. It is 320m long and its name comes from the icy stalagmites formed at the entrance in winter time and early spring. With its stunning cave formations Ledenika is one of the most beautiful show caves in Bulgaria and a habitat of the endemic beetle Fagomycetes ledenicus or “the light hater”.
This hiking trail is especially recommended for spring, when is the best time to enjoy the turbulent waters of the waterfall and the icy structures inside the Ledenika Cave.

Total transfers time: Appr. 4 hrs.
Hiking specifics: Appr. 3hrs (without breaks); 5-6km; +650m/-650m;
Tour difficulty: the trek is moderately strenuous with some stages of steep inclines. Passing over the wooden construction may be thrilling for people with a fear of heights. There is a risk of slippery in case it rained before this. Narrow slippery paths are also present in the cave. The constant temperature inside the cave is +8C so bring a fleece for inside. A rain jacket may be useful as spring/autumn often happens to rain for a while in the afternoons. Comfortable hiking boots are a must, sandals are not acceptable.

1 pers: 250 euro; 2 pers: 140 euro pp; 3 pers: 100 euro pp; 4-7 pers: 80 euro pp;
* The rates above are per person based on the number of people in one reservation.
** The tour is not private and the group may comprise customers booked under several reservations, each with a different number of people. We aim to keep the total group size not exceeding 12 passengers (normally 2-6).

*** Promo rates may occur for some of the dates; scroll the Book Online tab to check if such are present around your travel dates.
Price includes: Transfer from Sofia to the trailhead in Vratsa Mountains, then to the Ledenika Cave and back to Sofia; English-speaking guide;
Price does not include: cave entry fees, tips, food, personal expenses;
Food: If you have forgotten to take a lunch pack or a sandwich with you, you can have lunch in one of the small restaurants in the area. The menu is limited though: Soups (lentils, beans), grilled meat and some basic meals;
Best period: mid-April – October